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Introduction Clearly stung by the overwhelming criticism orientated towards Windows 8, which appeared to be designed solely with a tablet in mind, Microsoft has been working hard on a new and improved version of the world’s most popular operating system. In response to overwhelming consumer and tech feedback, at the recent Microsoft Build Conference Steve […]

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While the touch capability of Windows8 works great on a tablet or mobile device, its not so easy on a non-touch pc with a traditional setup, Keyboard shortcuts make the whole process a lot easier. Keystrokes Result Windows key () Switches between the Windows 8 apps and Start screen and the Windows Desktop (or the […]

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In past versions of Windows the in-built method to generate a screenshot in was to use ALT+PRTSCN, PRTSCN or on a laptop Fn PRTSC to copy a screenshot into the clipboard. Once copied you could then past into your editor of choice or directly into your application, like Word for instance. With the release of […]

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