Microsoft support for Windows XP and Office 2003 comes to an end on 8th April 2014. After this date, there will be no further security updates, bug fixes or additional features, but this will not stop your PC from working, so no need to panic.

What does it mean if my version of Windows is no longer supported?

End of XP
The biggest risk continuing with Windows XP will be security. The ageing product is already five times more likely to be infected with Malware (viruses) than those PCs running Windows 8. However, with effective antivirus management and end user education, this risk can be minimised. There are reports that Malware authors have already gathered lists of vulnerabilities in Windows XP. These will be aggressively attacked once support ends, to maximise the effect in the absence of support and future fixes.

How much of this will actually happen is unclear, but IMEX strongly recommends not using Windows XP in business critical applications or where banking, or other sensitive actions, take place. Long term plans should be considered to replace all Windows XP machines.

Companies running Windows XP and Office 2003 will not be able to enjoy the benefits of new technologies such as Office 365 hosted email, as this does not support Office 2003. Also, software and hardware manufacturers will continue to develop applications and devices for more recent versions of Windows. Windows XP users will not be able to benefit from these and so will miss out on the latest advancements in hardware/software.

Replace with Windows 7 or 8?

The jury is still out on Windows 8! You either love it or hate it and there is no direct upgrade path to Windows 8, even if your hardware is capable.

IMEX are still able to supply Windows 7 on new machines and this definitely seems to be the current operating system of choice, typically providing a smooth transition of application and work processes. The same cannot always be said for Windows 8.

Support dates end;

Here are the dates when support will end for PCs running Windows XP and Office 2003 without the latest service packs:

• Support for Windows XP is ending on April 8, 2014.

• Support for Office 2003 is ending on April 8, 2014.


If you have any questions regarding the end of support for the above products and have questions on how to upgrade the above products, please get in touch 01793 781800


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