NUTS ChallegeOn the 4th September, Keith Cleverley, support director at Swindon based IT firm IMEX Technical Services, completed the 19.4 miles, 400 obstacle Nuts Challenge course race at Dorking in just over 7hrs.

Keith raised £948.75, which will be split between two very worthwhile local charities, Hop, Skip & Jump and The Prospect Hospice.

“Last year we completed the two lap race – 14k and 200 obstacles – so this year we decided we needed to up the ante and go for the maximum of four laps ” said Keith.

“The Nuts Challenge was one again amazing and my favourite obstacle race, but four laps are brutal, it took us 7hrs to complete the 19.4miles, 400 obstacles and a unfathomable amount of mud.”

“Both charities carry out amazing work and it was a pleasure to once again support their good work, thanks again from myself, Hop, Skip & Jump and the Prospect Hospice to anyone who supported me.”

Highlights of the event can be seen here..



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