IMEX Technical Services have renewed our commitment to offer I.T. support to Prospect Hospice for another 12 months and name them as our Charity of the Year.

Our partnership with the Wroughton based charity is now in its third year, with our support particularly beneficial in recent years as anThe Prospect Hospice additional resource to I.T. manager Geoff Bryan. Over the past 12 months, our additional support has allowed for Prospect to refresh their computer hardware and software, enhance its remote connectivity, improve their Wi-Fi availability to patients and visitors and through our partners develop their email service, enabling them to promote their forthcoming events through extensive email marketing campaigns.

IMEX Technical Services have also given £2000 worth of support each year, which is much needed when the Hospice’s IT manager is absent.

“We are very pleased to renew our commitment to Prospect Hospice for a further 12 months,” said IMEX Technical Services’ Support Director, Keith Cleverley. “Since we first started working to support Prospect’s IT manager Geoff Bryan it has been mutually beneficial, enabling us to develop and customize products to their needs, and we have learned more about our skills and capabilities through our ongoing relationship. Having someone like Geoff implementing many different solutions on a daily basis allows us also to see or hear of potential issues that we may not otherwise encounter.”

“It is great news for us that the team from IMEX Technical Services have agreed to continue their support for us for a further 12 months,” said Prospect Hospice IT manager Geoff Bryan. “Their additional expertise has certainly helped us here to enhance the IT systems we operate, and to develop solutions that greatly benefit the day-to-day running of the hospice.”

Alongside the professional support committed by the IMEX Technical Services team, our staff will be taking part in a variety of fundraising activities and initiatives in the coming year, through activities including our staff barbecues and cake-bakes, through to physical challenges such as taking part in the charity’s Parachute for Prospect skydiving events. Our most recent fundraising activity involved our team and their families baking lots of delicious cakes to contribute to Prospects Garden Fete – that went on to raise thousands for the charity.

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