While the touch capability of Windows8 works great on a tablet or mobile device, its not so easy on a non-touch pc with a traditional setup, Keyboard shortcuts make the whole process a lot easier.

Windows key (windows logo)Switches between the Windows 8 apps and Start screen and the Windows
Desktop (or the last full-screen application that displayed)
Windows key + COpens the charms bar and the Clock. To open the charms bar on a
notebook computer, swipe the edge of the track pad
Windows key + HOpens the Share charm
Windows key + IOpens the Settings charm
Windows key + KOpens the Devices charm
Windows key + OLocks or unlocks the screen orientation if your computer can detect
and adjust screen orientation
Windows key + WOpens the Search charm with the Settings mode selected
Windows key + FOpens the Search charm with the Files mode selected
Windows key + QOpens the Search charm with the Apps mode selected
Windows key + XOpens the menu on the Desktop or the Start screen
Windows key + ZOpens the commands or options for the app currently open on the
screen (if the app has any commands or options defined)
Windows key + TabShows the most recently used or currently running apps on the Start
screen. To move from app to app, hold the Windows key and press the Tab
Windows key + Prt Scr (Print Screen)Takes and saves screenshots instantly. Your screen flashes and
Windows saves the screenshot to your Pictures folder as a PNG image file
Alt + TabShows all the apps that are open on the computer. Hold the Alt key
and press the Tab key to move from app to app
Alt + F4Closes the software you are currently using. If you select Windows
Desktop, the Windows Shut Down menu displays
Ctrl + F1Toggles the Explorer ribbon in File Explorer and other apps that
support this function.

If you would rather download a copy of the shortcuts to keep or printout, click Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

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