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IMEX Cloud Premium Email Security

Every day, organisations face potential communication, operational and intellectual property disruption from email-borne threats, such as viruses, trojans, spyware, and phishing. Without effective defences, these disruptions can create significant costs and losses.

Email threats have evolved, going beyond viruses and spam alone. Virus, spam and spyware writers are now taking advantage of each other’s methods. For example, for much of 2010, botnets (trojan virus infected computer networks) were responsible for 88.2% of all spam emails. Some attacks are so targeted that they never appear on the antivirus industry radar and are not properly identified or stopped by standard signature-based antivirus scanners.

The IMEX Email security service ‘MessageLabs’ provides protection for your business from email-borne threats and offers a service level agreement for 100% protection from known and unknown viruses. Operating at the Internet level with automatic and continuous updates, our service also delivers protection against both established and emerging spam techniques ensuring long-term, always-on network protection.

Because it is a hosted service, updates are continuous and automatic, there’s no software to manage, and costs are predictable.

With a global infrastructure of 14 data centers spanning 4 continents and protecting clients in 99 countries, 6.4B emails per day are processed by MessageLabs. The intelligence gathered from this unique window into the world’s email traffic provides clients with unrivalled protection from emerging threats.


  • Total multi-layered protection from spam, with threats managed away from your network
  • Proprietary Skeptic™ heuristics technologies
  • Range of best-of-breed third party commercial engines and techniques
  • Fully configurable, with a range of actions for both administrators and end-users
  • Multiple spam quarantine languages for end-users
  • Exceptional Service Level Agreement package
  • Dashboard, summary, detailed and scheduled reporting


  • Saves time and resources wasted dealing with unwanted email, and protects corporate bandwidth for web, VoIP and other critical systems
  • Delivers effective protection against established and emerging spam techniques
  • Provides additional layers of hosted, automatically updated security
  • Allows administrators to set and enforce or devolve flexible, customised policies suited to your organisation’s specific needs
  • Increases productivity and ease of use for global workforces
  • Gives you reassurance and allows you to focus on business growth
  • Provides visibility, accountability and confidence in the service’s effectiveness


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