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What is cloud?

The concept of cloud computing can be compared to the early days of academic and corporate systems where large mainframe servers were situated in a central datacentre and then accessible across the campus via dumb terminals. This model allowed for the mainframe to share compute power across many users 24 hours a day. With cheaper and quicker internet connections, this created a model for distributed datacentres shared across a wider audience, further maximising IT service efficiency. The term Cloud was born out of the symbol used to denote the demarcation of the direct connection between the end user and the network infrastructure. End users were now able to connect in to a distributed network of datacentres and utilise the services they required on-demand 24 hours a day.

New ‘cloud’ enterprises soon realised the potential to act as an outsourced datacentre and infrastructure provider, specialising in services that fitted a cloud model. These services allowed corporations to switch from a capital expense (CAPEX) IT budget to an operating expense (OPEX) model whereby they simply paid for the services they needed on-demand directly from the ‘cloud provider’, rather than invest upfront in expensive hardware and software to implement on premise.

Today’s cloud computing model can be labelled in many different ways; Private clouds are often referred to as a pooled collection of resources available within a corporation. Public clouds are services owned by a third party that is then shared on a very large scale – the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Hybrid cloud is the most common model whereby a company make use of a variety of cloud services, some private and some public.
why use cloud

Why Use Cloud?

Agility, cost, non-geographic, scalability, elasticity – all terms that can be associated with cloud computing. The simplest way to look at cloud services is that it’s on-demand computing – only pay for what you need. This allows your business to utilise computing services in the most efficient and cost effective way without the need to try and plan 3 to 5 years ahead.


Why IMEX for Cloud?

Keeping up with the ever increasing choice of cloud applications, services and providers requires a large amount of time, which is where IMEX come in. We act as a trusted advisor, researching the services that are available and helping your business to implement and utilise cloud in the best form. Working directly with vendors such as Microsoft, Symantec and McAfee for many years we have seen the development of cloud services and have a vast experience of how best to deliver these products to your business.

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