Telephone 01793 781800

Welcome to your Remote IT Client Support area

For us to connect securely to your machine we will provide you with a 6 digit PIN code over the phone or via email, this code is valid for 20 minutes.

Once the code is entered, click ‘connect to technician‘, you will be required to run a small application to complete the process, please ensure you select ‘run‘, ‘yes‘, ‘allow‘ or ‘continue‘ to any prompts which may appear, these include firewall alerts.

Remote Assistance

IMEX Rescue App

At IMEX we have made supporting your needs even easier, by providing you with a permanently installed remote support application, this will allow us to connect to your machine in the same way using a pin number, without you having to visit our website first, just run it from the shortcut on your desktop.

Download the IMEX Rescue App